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I am currently enrolled in the third of five years in EPITA, a French computer science school requiring high level skills and favours a hands-on approach. I am still a student and will graduate in December 2003. During my studying at EPITA I have done several internship yet, and I carried out many contract for the school junior company.


I was born in Vannes in Brittany and I live 15 km far, in Grandchamp.

I was in Grandchamp public nursery school and elementary school. During that time I used to say I would become a inventor, because of the comics Leonard, and for I didn't know working with computer was a real serious job, although I started by that time to carry out tiny programs on my father's TO7 - 70.
Then I switched to private school ("collège") because there was no public in my town.

I went to Saint Anne secondary school in Saint Anne d'Auray (to where the pope was shiped in 1996) and get here my first own computer. For the most, I played videogame on it, and did a little programming.

Finaly I moved to EPITA, ( Paris, France )


I used to play videogame when I had enough time. My brother and I had had a Nintendo, then a gameboy, a Super Nintendo and a PSX. Later I bought a Saturn, a Ultra64 and a Sega Master System.
My favorite videogames where Tie Fighter (for reasons that are too long to be detailed here) and Soul Reaver (aka Legacy of Kain.) I also enjoyed very much Descent I & II, Duke Nukem and Terminal Velocity.

I enjoyed playing piano although I don't have time by now. My prefiered composers are Bach, Beethoven, Couperin and Debussy.
I was strucked by Maupassant, Tolstoï and Camus book I red. My favorite movies are "Fargo", "Aliens" (the sequel) and "Love, etc.".

I have interest in foreign languages whatever they are.