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- January the 12th, 2019

So, after a long time, during which Blue Castle Games became Capcom Game Studio Vancouver, I left to develop Navigation System for warships, still in Burnaby.

Since 2017, I have been working on my own project (http://lanvaux.fr) which mainly offers high value software engineering services as well as internally develops an innovative computer game as well as the tools to craft it.

As I am gradually handing over the project, which more or less completed its engineering preproduction phase; to expert artist's hands; I am now open to full-time employment.

- August the 22nd, 2009

I moved to Vancouver in April 2008 to join Relic Entertainment.

I moved in Vancouver since April 2008 to work for Relic Entertainment. I ended up joining Blue Castle Games in September 2008 where I worked on vehicle physic, then more on AI and animation support.

- May the 20th, 2007

`Back to Toronto', that's how I originally meant to call the web journal I would have like to keep when I moved to Toronto, and never had time to. Well, I am working since June 2006 for Pseudo Interactive. Currently doing mainly interface programming.

- March the 31n, 2005

It as been a long time, isn' it ? ;)

I ll leave that site, cuz I am not in Epita anymore. Anyway, I added to the link section some connections to my new life in here. ( mostly the log I use to keep my parents and few friends up-to-date. )

I don t fill like I need to update the apropos section anymore :'| "

- December the 11n, 2003

Add :

  • Section : MASTER
    Find here lessons from the DEA Artificial Intelligence at Paris VI

- November the 20th, 2003

Add :

  • Projects > Cog. Sc. Dep. > Java
    Today I can add a new line to my resume : I can deal with IBM Aglets

- October the 19th, 2003

Update :

  • Resume > CV.pdf

- July the 27th, 2003

Update :

  • Project > Prépa > Darkwave

- July the 15th, 2003

Add :

  • Scholar issue > Cours > Constraint programming

- July the 8th, 2003

Update :

  • Scholar issue > Cours > *
  • Project > Prépa > Darkwave
Berthelin lessons available. Profitez-en ! (ouais par contre c'est en français ;) )